As the iconic Coco Chanel once said, a haircut can change a woman’s life, so be assured that your expert é Salon stylist is highly trained and experienced when it comes to cutting your crowning glory. We take into consideration your skin tone and face shape as well as your lifestyle, daily routine and commitment to styling before we create a personalized look for you that you’ll love.

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Initial Cut & Consultation and Restyle Cut and Finish
Emiliano Vitale $225 $165
Lisa Vitale $165 $145
Jasmine Redstone $155 $135
Chi Chi Wei $155 $135
Kashia Ambrusch $155 $135
Nikki Hazell $145 $125
Cassie Szwed $135 $115


Up or Down!
Like you, we love the way hair shines, swings or holds its style! é SALON stylists are trained in the art of styling hair for formal functions or casual dinners with friends. From the ultimate in Up-styles to sexy blow dries, let the é SALON team create the perfect style for the event you are attending.

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Blowdry Curls UpStyle
Lisa Vitale $80-$100 $100-$135 from $140
Jasmine Redstone $70-$90 $90 - $125 from $130
Chi Chi WEI $70-$90 $90 - $125 from $130
Kashia Ambrusch $70-$90 $90 - $125 from $130
Nikki Hazell $70-$90 $90 - $125 from $130
Cassie Szwed $65-$85 $85-$120 from $125

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